United Nations North Lawn Conference Building


Complete structure demolition of the former United Nations North Lawn Conference Building (NLCB). Demolition was performed over an active building below the NLCB. Demolition utilizing hydraulic excavators equipped with shears, grapples and hydraulic hammers.


Ferrous and non-ferrous metals were sorted, processed, loaded onto trucks and transported to a licensed facility for recycling.


Once the lowest level was demolished the existing roof of the building below was exposed. Gramercy provided waterproofing in order to maintain a weather tight atmosphere for the active structure.  


Sculptures were staged on site while the NLCB was active. Gramercy was required to reassemble these sculptures throughout the site including the construction of new concrete footings and pedestals.


Once water proofing was complete, backfilling and compaction was performed in order to bring the site back to grade. Once compaction is achieved, new landscape features were to be installed including sod, ivy, hardscapes, etc. Over 200 trees were scheduled to be installed at completion of the project. In addition, new sidewalks, asphalt, and curbing was installed along with associated drainage.