Asad Al Hossain, Accounts Payable

Asad is a valued member of our team who joined our organization last year. He holds a degree in accounting from Hofstra University and previously worked at an accounting firm for close to two years. Currently, he plays a crucial role in our accounts payable department, a position he expresses his enthusiasm for, citing the daily opportunities for learning and the positive work environment with his colleagues.

A Long Island resident, Asad was born in the US, but his roots trace back to Bangladesh, where he had the chance to live for a brief period. Beyond work, he enjoys spending time with friends and hiking. In high school, he was actively involved in playing frisbee.

Asad’s unwavering positivity and ever-present smile are truly appreciated by the entire team and we are grateful for his dedicated contributions.

Mark Schwab and Chris Schwab, Superintendents

Here at Gramercy, we have many team members who come from the same family and we’d like to acknowledge them. Mark Schwab and Chris Schwab both serve as superintendents. Mark has been a valued member of the Gramercy team since 2006, while Chris joined in 2012.

These two brothers, part of a family of 15, acquired their expertise from their father, who owned one of the largest demolition businesses in the country.

Gramercy holds immense gratitude for this dynamic family demo team, as they bring our “textbook demos” to life. Thank you, Schwab brothers, for your unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of our team and the seamless execution of our projects. Your legacy in the industry is truly legendary!

Nelson Toledo, Local 78 

With a career in abatement spanning 30 years, Nelson joined Gramercy in 2009, bringing with him extensive experience in the field. Nelson, in particular, made significant contributions to Gramercy’s Glenwood Landing project.

Originally hailing from Ecuador, Nelson met his wife through mutual friends, despite them both having grown up in the same town.

He is a proud father of two grown sons, ages 24 and 18 respectively. His eldest is pursuing a degree in business management, while his younger son focuses on mathematics.

Nelson values his employment at Gramercy due to the respectful treatment he receives, the opportunity to utilize various tools, and the supportive environment within the company.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, relishing dinners together, and embracing life’s simple pleasures.

Thank you Nelson for all that you contribute to Gramercy and the projects we work on!

Thomas Governale, Local 15 Operator

At the age of 18, Tommy began his journey in the apprentice program immediately after graduating from high school. Since then, he has specialized in operating Brokk machinery.

Originally hailing from Staten Island, Tommy now resides in Brooklyn, where he met his wife Racquel, with whom he shares a daughter named Julia. The arrival of their new baby has prompted Tommy to shift his interests from motorcycles to cherishing moments with his family. Given the opportunity, Tommy enjoys vacationing in the Caribbean.

Throughout his career, he has operated our Brokks at various locations including LaGuardia Airport, the NYC Manhattan Detention Center, and presently at our 57th Street project. Tommy stands out as one of our finest Brokk operators, and we deeply value his hard work and commitment to Gramercy.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Tommy for his invaluable contribution to the team.

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