Fulton Street Transit Center


Asbestos abatement of floor tile, pipe insulation, and roofing. All abatement was completed using existing building power and re-routing as necessary.


Completed demolition of four buildings along Broadway. From a two story located on the corner of Fulton street to an extremely narrow 12 story in the center of the site. Decorative sidewalk bridges were used on this project to bring community awareness to the project.

Through out the demolition all subway entrances through the first floor of our buildings had to be maintained.

All engineering was complete by Howard I. Shapiro and Associates


Gramercy installed protection throughout the structure to protect all granite and marble that was to remain. Provided probes and test pits though walls to determine the connection details. Original boiler was demolished in the basement and removed by hand, salvaging the door for future use as an architectural piece.


Gramercy received the Excellence in Construction Performance Award for this project from the MTA. This was the First Annual ECP award. The award is based on schedule, budget, safety, quality and innovative approaches.