Madison Yards Site Clearance


Asbestos abatement of pipe insulation on hydronic and steam pipes. Lead abatement on stair railings and stair framing.


Gramercy saw cut 2,000 linear feet of the existing concrete crash walls. Demolition and removals included 18,000 linear feet of rail and ties, removal of uncontaminated track ballast, demolition of existing train platforms and demolition of water and sewer lines. Demolition utilizing hydraulic excavators equipped with shears, grapples and hydraulic hammers.


All ferrous and non-ferrous metals were segregated, processed and loaded for recycling via rail to a scrap yard.


Excavation and disposal of PCB track ballast located underneath 125 linear feet of rail. Gramercy rerouted the existing 46th Street sewer main and installed a new 18” HPDE drainage pipe in an existing brick sewer to provide for proper site drainage. Excavation and site preparation for new Metro North Railroad commissary.


Construction and installations included new temporary ventilation systems below Grand Central Station, installation of permanent HVAC systems, installation of permanent fire alarms, installation of new concrete crash walls throughout the site and construction of 2,000 linear feet of 30’ tall CMU block wall.   Construction of the new Commissary included the installation of new concrete grade beams, steel columns, concrete slabs, structural steel framed roof, seismic angle iron above CMU block wall as well as the construction of new Commissary bathrooms inclusive of all finishes. Gramercy also provided and installed a new lighting system for the entire East Side Access