Glenwood Landing Power Plant


Asbestos abatement of over 200,000 SF of boiler insulation material, 100,000 SF of transite panels, 17,000 SF of roofing material, floor tile, pipe insulation and mastic throughout the Glenwood Landing Power Plant.


Complete structure demolition of (2) Power Plants. Station 2 is comprised of (6) 150’ roof stacks, the turbine building, boiler building and general office building. Station 3 is comprised of (2) 250’ brick stacks and Unit 4 & 5 boiler houses as well as associated conveyors and structures. Demolition was completed utilizing hydraulic excavators equipped with shears, grapples and hydraulic hammers. Stack demolition was completed utilizing a crane with a stack crusher jaw attachment.


Over 30,000 cubic yards of clean concrete and masonry building rubble resulting from the demolition was crushed on-site and utilized for backfill and site grading.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals were sorted, processed, loaded via barges and delivered to a licensed facility for recycling.


Excavation and disposal of petroleum contaminated soil located under (2) 3,000,000 gallon above ground oil tanks.


Backfilling of the Glenwood Landing Power Plant with over 30,000 cubic yards utilizing the building debris crushed on-site to fill the basement void back to surrounding grade. Installation of 200,000 SF of asphalt pavement.