Giants Stadium Demolition


Over 1,000,000 SF of asbestos containing materials were removed from the Former Giants Stadium. These materials included split slab mastic throughout all levels of the stadium, floor tile, roofing, insulation, etc. The entire abatement phase was completed in one month with multiple crews working multiple shifts six days per week.


The demolition of the Former Giants Stadium was over 1,000,000 SF including seating and walkways. All demolition was complete including disposal within five months. Multiple crews work multiple shifts six days per week. The stadium was demolished by mechanical means by performing controlled pulls into the field area and then processing the material.


Over 60,000 cubic yards of concrete and masonry derived from the demolition was crushed on site for re-use as backfill material.

All ferrous and non-ferrous metals were salvaged and recycled


200,000 TONS of soil derived from the construction of the New Meadowlands Stadium was properly contained, loaded, transported and disposed of off-site.


Expanding several parking lots by removing islands, re-striping, and re-paving in order to maintain adequate parking during construction phases

Backfilling of the Former Stadium after demolition with 250,000 CY of material in order to raise the existing field elevation back to surrounding grade. 60,000 CY of the crushed material was mixed with imported material in order to meet compaction requirements.