Delta Airlines Pedestrian Bridge


Gramercy worked collaboratively with the PANYNJ, DELTA, Engineers, Security, and AirTrain in order to design a pick that would cause zero disturbance to the public.


Bridge was weighted utilizing hydraulic jack system off of the hammerhead columns in order to accurately determine the pick weights (250.5 TONS). Due to the design of the bridge, steel beams were added to the structure in order to create a pick location that could support the necessary load. A pick design utilizing a combination of hydraulic and crawler cranes was utilized due to site configurations and pick point accessibility


Bridge was lightened by removing all non-structural elements. Glass was removed by a glazier, ceiling panels removed, exterior panels and the walking floor conveyors were removed.


Working at night during an eight hour road outage, the bridge was lifted from is columns, rotated 90 degrees and rested on motorized gold hoffer trailers. Once lowered the entire structure was transported within the Terminal 3 construction site for further dismantling.

During the same outage the hammer head column was saw cut and picked in order to eliminate hydraulic breaking along the Air Train and public roads.


Once within the Terminal 3 construction site, the bridge was demolished via hydraulic excavators for disposal / recycling.


In order to maintain traffic during the eight hour shut-down, Gramercy re-routed the traffic through a fenced off corridor within our Terminal 3 site. The road was temporarily paved and vehicles were guided by flagmen.