We’re proud to share the stories of several of our field team who provide on-site expertise to some of our biggest jobs. We couldn’t complete these projects without their hard work and dedication. Thank you team!

Amaury Reyes, Local 78

Local 78’s Amaury Reyes

Amaury is a Local 78 abatement worker who has been with Gramercy for five years. Having worked in asbestos remediation for 10 years, Amaury says he entered the industry due to the job security it provides. Daniel Sanguirma, Gramercy’s Abatement Supervisor first introduced Amaury to Gramercy and Amaury soon joined with his first Gramercy project being at LaGuardia Airport.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Amaury is blessed with a wife and two daughters. He met his wife when they both worked at McDonald’s many years ago. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his beautiful family in Connecticut where he currently lives. Thank you Amaury for being a part of the Gramercy team!

Klever Orellana, Local 12A

Local 12A’s Klever Orellana

Klever has been with Gramercy for two years and has been doing abatement remediation work for ten years. He entered the business because of the job security and good pay it offers. Prior to his work in abatement, he used to work in a warehouse. His first project with Gramercy was at LaGuardia Airport, where he overcame challenging weather conditions to remove the building’s roofing tile.

Klever is originally from Ecuador but has been living in the USA for 24 years. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and two young sons. In his free time, Klever says he enjoys spending time with his family.

Thank you, Klever, for all of your hard work and for being a valuable part of the Gramercy team.

Danny Leon of Local 78

Local 78’s Danny Leon

Danny has been with Gramercy since 2015, but he has been doing abatement work since 2012. He was introduced to Gramercy by Danny Sanguirma, our Abatement supervisor. The largest abatement project he has worked on was the LaGuardia Airport project.

Danny was born in Ecuador, but has been in the United States for a long time. He is happily married with three children: two daughters and a son. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family in New Jersey, where he lives.

Thank you Danny for being an important part of our Gramercy Environmental team!