Welcome to our July edition of our Meet the Team Monday employee spotlights. As the summer rolls on, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the backbone of our success—the dedicated employees who go above and beyond to make our company thrive. This month, we are thrilled to showcase the outstanding contributions of several valued team members whose unwavering commitment and exceptional skills have truly set them apart. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, join us in celebrating the talents and hard work of these remarkable individuals who continue to elevate our demolition and construction endeavors to new heights.

Franklin Marin, Operator

Frankie is an experienced operator from Local 15 who has been an integral part of the Gramercy team for an impressive 20 years, joining us in 2003. Initially, his brother’s involvement in the demolition business sparked Frankie’s interest in the construction industry.

Originally from Ecuador, Frankie has resided in the US for the past 28 years and is a devoted family man, married with two children, a 21 year-old daughter and a 20 year-old son. During his leisure time, Frankie enjoys staying active by going to the gym and honing his cooking skills.

Over the years, Frankie has worked on numerous notable projects at Gramercy, but one that stands out as particularly memorable to him was the Glen Cove Powerplant. His skills as an operator are exemplary, and he takes pride in his expertise.

Reflecting on his years with Gramercy, Frankie says he values the consistent workload and the great rapport he’s developed with his bosses. We want to express our deepest gratitude for Frankie’s hard work and unwavering commitment to Gramercy. Thank you, Frankie!

Junior Liriano. Teamster

Junior has been an invaluable member of the Gramercy team for nearly a year. Before joining Gramercy, Junior first worked as a barber before spending 18 years in the cemetery industry, specializing in monuments. However, the somber nature of the cemetery business eventually took its toll on Junior, leading him to seek a fresh start as a driver.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Junior immigrated to the United States at the age of six. Whenever he has the opportunity, he still likes to return to his homeland for vacations, as it holds a special place in his heart. Junior is happily married to a woman he met at the age of 18 when they both worked across the street from one another. Their connection was instantaneous and they have been together ever since. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family at the beach.

When asked about the most stressful part of his day, Junior mentioned that it’s often dealing with other drivers on the road. However, he handles the challenge with exceptional vigilance, ensuring the safety of everyone around him. Despite the occasional stress, Junior genuinely enjoys his work at Gramercy, considering it a home away from home.

His presence on our team is truly appreciated, and we are grateful for his contributions. Thank you Junior for being part of the Gramercy Team.

Meet the Gramercy Interns

Every summer we like to introduce you to some of our interns who have studied with us over the summer months. This month we spotlighted three of our awesome 2023 interns. Let’s hear from each of them what they learned during their time at Gramercy this summer.

Kristin Commisso, Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering Major at Drexel University

“During my time at Gramercy, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the demolition process from start to finish.  I learned the importance of organization and coordination between the different teams involved in the process.  While working in the estimating department, I gained valuable insight into creating successful bids, and I had the opportunity to visit many active demolition sites.”

Andrew Zuperman, Construction Management Major, Drexel University

“I learned all about the demolition process during my time as a Project Engineering Intern at Gramercy.  As a construction management major, I witnessed the concepts that I have learned about in class be applied in real life job sites.  While assisting the PM, Christian, I gained knowledge on how to successfully run a demolition project.  I realized the importance of strong communication in construction to make sure information is relayed between the field and the office.”

Cynthia Zachariah, Architectural Engineering Major, Drexel University

“In working with Gramercy, I have learned the importance of staying organized and teamwork. A singular project has so many moving parts, so several projects can be overwhelming. Staying diligent and organized with the work allows for good management. No job is a one-man show, which is why I appreciate the collaborative atmosphere of the company. Everyone chips in for the smooth execution of a project.”

(This happens to be Cynthia’s second co-op with Gramercy and we are so happy to have her back!)

Thank you to each of our interns for your dedication, enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things.