International Market Place


Asbestos containing materials were removed from the Miramar Hotel. These materials included drywall, elevator brake pads, pipe insulation, spray on fireproofing, floor tile and mastic throughout all levels of the hotel, etc. The entire abatement phase was completed in five months which was two weeks ahead of the owners schedule.


The demolition of the former Miramar Hotel and International Market Place located in Waikiki, Hawaii. The Miramar Hotel was a 24 story hotel including 2 stories of elevators. The Miramar was constructed of concrete post tensioned slabs and was approximately 380,000 SF. All demolition was completed including disposal within five months. The hotel was demolished by mechanical means utilizing mini excavators and skid steer loaders for the top 17 floors. Once the building was demolished down to the 5-story parking structure, the remainder of the building was demolished utilizing large hydraulic excavators. This phase was completed in eight months which was two weeks ahead of the owners schedule.


All ferrous and non-ferrous metals were salvaged and recycled.


Throughout the job site, there were various areas of contaminated soils. This included lead and petroleum based contaminants that were required to be excavated in their entirety. Working closely with environmental agencies and the owner, we also removed a total of (11) underground monitoring wells and one underground storage tank.


Due to the historical nature of the job site, over 20,000 cubic yards of soil was excavated while working side-by-side with Cultural Surveys of Hawaii in order to help facilitate installation of the future structure. The site work also include 200 linear feet of deep structural shoring to protect adjacent structures. We also performed trench excavations for plumbing and electrical utilities throughout the site, all while coordinating with the appropriate state agencies.


Gramercy is currently overseeing all general conditions for the project. These include the management and operation of the site’s tower crane, gates, disposal services and general hoisting for each subcontractor. Along with general conditions, we are directly managing the exterior framing and sheathing of the entire 6 acre project site. This includes the coordination, supply and install of exterior framing, specialty ceilings, DEFS and exterior sheathing designed to FM Global design standards.