NYCT Contract #A-37120 Installation of Three Elevators at the Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Museum Station (IRT)


A detailed phasing plan for work at street level, the mezzanine within the station & the train platforms was required to successfully complete all work while minimizing the impact to the public.  Work was scheduled over three phases which allowed for completion of project scope while leaving the subway station accessible to the public and accommodating NYCT employees.  Coordination with NYC Parks Department, NYC DOT, NYC DEP, Brooklyn Museum, local Fire Department & NYPD were required to ensure satisfaction of all parties.


Gramercy oversaw all aspects of the project including:

  • Electrical, Communications & Fiber Optics
  • Elevator
  • CMU, Tile & Artwork Installation
  • Plumbing, HVAC & Mechanical
  • Concrete Formwork & Steel Reinforcement
  • Structural Steel
  • Glass & Glazing
  • Waterproofing
  • Standing Seam Roofing
  • Pile Drilling
    • Micro-piles for foundation
    • Piles & Tie-backs for Support of Excavation


Demolition of existing mezzanine rooms (floors, walls & roofs), removal of staircases and localized openings at mezzanine & platform levels were all completed.  Plumbing, HVAC & electrical removals were also performed.


In order to install the three elevators and new machine room, extensions to the existing station were required.  This called for excavations in excess of 30ft, sewer relocations, sidewalk (concrete & asphalt pavers) demolition & reinstallation, and roadway, curbs & median replacement.


Gramercy installed three ADA compliant hydraulic elevators, an ADA pedestrian ramp, and upgraded staircases to ADA compliance.  Additionally, ADA boarding areas were installed at both the NB & SB platforms.  Other ADA upgrades included a unisex toilet room, facility locker room & pedestrian sidewalk ramps.