Performed asbestos abatement on 270 LF of exterior window caulking and removed & disposed of Universal/Hazardous waste, including PCB containing bulbs & ballasts, as well as CFC & HCFC containing cooling units. 


Developed detailed & site specific engineered demolition plans, carried out the disconnection of existing utilities to the structure (included the “cut/cap” of roof leaders, sanitary sewer pipes, and water lines), and implemented Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) measures in order to control soil erosion and sediment pollutants from entering into stormwater systems. This SWPPP included: silt fencing, sewer inlet protection, hay/straw bales, dust control, and stabilized construction entrances (with truck wash stations).


Executed the complete structural demolition of the former United Chelsea Building, located at Newark Airport. This demolition included the mechanical removal of approximately 132,000 SF of reinforced concrete floor and foundation slabs, as well as partial removal of the associated structural piles for the building.


Salvaged & recycled all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as approximately 1,500 CYs of insulated concrete exterior wall panels. Approximately 5,000 CYs of concrete rubble derived from the demolition was crushed to meet DGABC Gradation requirements, so it could be utilized for backfill & grading purposes on-site.