Delta Airlines Terminal 3


Complete asbestos abatement of the 1,100,000 SF Former Delta Terminal 3 including approximately 650,000 SF of asbestos containing spray-on fireproofing, 60,000 SF of floor tile, 4,000 SF of insulation, 12,000 LF of tar coated lines, and 6,000 SF of roofing material. The entire structure was placed under negative air floor by floor. Each containment covered approximately 200,000 SF of floor space.

Securing of the site with TSA approved security fencing. All PANYNJ permits and requirements. Complete demolition of the 1,100,000 SF Terminal 3’s Unit Terminal Building and Delta Flight Center down to the basement slab.

Systematic removal of the cantilevered Former Pan Am saucer roof utilizing high reach excavators.  Dust control throughout the project as to not interfere with air traffic operations.

60,000 CY of concrete and masonry from the demolition will be crushed on site in order to supplement the backfilling of the basement. All ferrous and non-ferrous metals derived from the demolition was salvaged and recycled.

Backfilling of over 100,000 cubic yards of crushed and imported material in order to fill the existing basement void back to surrounding grade.

Gramercy had to perform the demolition within a largely populated active airport while keeping a passenger bus route airside throughout our project duration. Gramercy constructed a bridge over the passenger bus route for construction traffic as to not delay any buses in the airport.