It’s the middle of summer and it’s been a hot season for our crew with heatwaves and high humidity. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to stay safe and productive through the summer. This month, we’re spotlighting three of our integral shop and on-site workers. Each brings a unique set of skills and expertise to every project. We appreciate all of your efforts, team. Read about last month’s team spotlights here. Let’s get to know our July Meet the Team Monday crew!

Welder, Oswaldo Vasquez

Oswaldo Vasquez

Oswaldo joined Gramercy 14 years ago through his brother-in-law, Franklin Marin. Born in Ecuador, Oswaldo came to the states ready to work and learn a new career. He began his career with Gramercy by working in the shop, processing job site orders, assisting with the transportation of equipment, and spending significant time apprenticing with Arturo, our head welder. All that hard work paid off. Oswaldo enjoys welding and has become a very experienced and talented fabricator. When he’s not working. he likes to relax at home with his family.

Thank you Oswaldo, for all of your hard work and dedication!

Local 79 Laborer, Nahun Calix

Nahun Calix

Nahun has been with Gramercy since 2006. He joined the Gramercy team through his brother-in-law, Frankie Marin, who we’ll be meeting soon!. Nahun was working in a seafood restaurant at the time, but wanted a steady career that he could grow with.

His first project was the Drake Hotel. Originally from Honduras, Nahun came to America at the age of 22. In his spare time he loves to cook (his favorite dish to make is ribs) and spend time with his family. He is blessed with a wife and has four daughters, ages 30, 26, 24 and 18. He has one grandson and five granddaughters.

Thank you Nahun for all that you have contributed to Gramercy! 

Local 79 Laborer, Aureliano Perez

Aureliano Perez

Aureliano started with Gramercy in 2013. He was working in a restaurant and was looking for a career that he could grow with. He had come to the US from Mexico at the age of 23. His first Gramercy project was Jay Street in, Brooklyn and he’s been busy working on our team ever since. In his spare time he loves to cook and spend time with his family. He’s blessed with his beautiful daughter Ashley.

Thank you Aureliano for being a valued part of the Gramercy Team.