It’s a new year and we’re happy to continue to spotlight the hardworking members of our team. Let’s meet four of our crew who help keep our projects moving in the right direction. We appreciate all of their hard work and dedication.

William Sunderman, Local 15 Oiler

Local 15 Oiler, William Sunderman

Billy started with Gramercy in 2020. He came highly recommended to us by Benny Reyes, Local 14 operator, who has been with Gramercy for over 20 years. We are glad he did because Billy is one of the best oilers in the business. His first project he was placed on at Gramercy was the UPS Red Hook site.

Billy grew up around construction and he always knew this was the career for him. With over 20 years experience, we’re certain his hunch was correct. He said the most difficult projects he’s ever worked on took place in tunnels. Being 600 feet underground in such tight logistics isn’t an easy task but there isn’t much that holds Billy back.

He is blessed with two sons, William and Christian. In his spare time he likes to visit Disney once a year, vacation in Florida, go boating and spend time with his sons and girlfriend. Thank you William, for your hard work and being part of the Gramercy team.

George Zerles, Teamster Driver

George has been driving for Gramercy since 2008.  He said before coming to Gramercy, he owned his own demo company, a cleaning company and worked in construction since he was 18. 

George has had so much experience in different fields in construction it has enabled him to not only be a reliable and experienced driver but a real team player in our organization.  He enjoys working with people within our company and is always ready to lend a hand. 

Local 15 Oiler, William Sunderman

George is blessed with his beautiful wife Barbara (who he has been with since high school!) and their two children. In his spare time he likes working out and racing cars!

Whether it’s controlling race cars around a track or maneuvering a Kenworth T880 Roll-Off through the streets of Manhattan, George does it with precision and control.

Thank you George for your hard work and dedication to Gramercy all of these years.  We are proud to have you on our team.

Jacinto Acosta, Field Welder Local 15C

Field Welder Local 15C, Jacinto Acosta

Jacinto has been welding for Gramercy for close to five years, however, he has been welding heavy equipment for over 30 years. His father was an experienced welder back in Dominican Republic, which influenced Jacinto to go into that field.

Jacinto says he spends most of his time hardfacing the wear surface on our jaw sets. It is always impressive to see him weld metal back into its original shape.

Jacinto is one of 10 siblings and the only one who is involved in construction. He is blessed with a wife, two children and three grandchildren. Thank you Jacinto for bringing your experience and talent to the field everyday.