As we wrapped up 2022, we were grateful to be able to take a moment to highlight the work of four Gramercy Group team members. We take a look and get to know our Meet the Team Monday staff that we spotlighted in December, 2022.

John Tancredi, Executive Director, Environmental

Executive Director, Environmental, John Tancredi,

John joined the Gramercy team a year ago, but before that he had a long, esteemed career in the industry, with over 45 years of experience in environmental work.  He first started his career at the age of 17 as an environmental health specialist when he served in the Air Force.  After serving for three years he left the military and went on to earn his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Hunter College in Environmental Studies.

When asked what he likes most about his career, John said he likes working with his team and clients, and gets the most satisfaction out of seeing a project progress. In his spare time John enjoys time with his beautiful wife Maria and their two children. Thank you John! We appreciate your years of experience and knowledge. We are proud to have you on our team. 

Fleet Mechanic, Gary Gisonda

Gary Gisonda, Fleet Mechanic 

Gary has worked with Gramercy since 2013.  Although Gary has been a mechanic for many years, his love for fixing things dates back much longer. Gary recalls that even at a young age he would take apart his toys and put them back together.

When he was 14, Gary recognized he had a talent and started fixing anything that wasn’t working or needed repair, including venturing into plumbing, auto mechanics, boat mechanics, home repairs, small tools and even heavy equipment repair.  Here at Gramercy, the projects Gary takes on get done quickly and properly.  

Gary is blessed with his beautiful wife Julia of 10 years and their two children.  When he’s not working he most enjoys spending time with his family at their vacation home in Chestertown, NY. Thank you Gary, we are proud to have you on our team.

Project Manager, Josiah Owhe, PE, MBA, PMP

Josiah Owhe, PE, MBA, PMP, Project Manager

Josiah is a new addition to the Gramercy team. A Penn State alum, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and his Master’s in Business Administration. During college he also competed on the track and field team.

As a child, Josiah liked to take apart his toys and rebuild them. To this day, he continues to be fascinated by how things work. His favorite project at Gramercy so far has been being the recent rebuilding of a pump station. Josiah is blessed with his beautiful wife, who he met in college, and their one year-old daughter.

Thank you, Josiah! We are happy to have you on our team.

Assistant Project Manager, Zachary Ames

Zachary Ames, Assistant Project Manager

Zachary joined the Gramercy team around four months ago and is currently an assistant project manager at our Throgs Neck Pump Station project.  Zach studied Civil Engineering at Rutgers University, but he has always been interested in building and the overall process of construction. As a child he recalls sitting and staring at construction sites for hours. He said by the time he was eight, his mother would have him put furniture together. 

Although Zach enjoys being in the field, he also has a true appreciation for the technical side of construction and the importance of software streamlining a project.  In his spare time Zach serves on the board of the The Society for Construction Solutions – NYC. It’s just one of the ways Zach keeps learning to improve the overall communication of the field to the office.

Beyond construction, Zach enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with his girlfriend, friends and family.  Zach, we are proud to have you on our team!    
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