It has been a busy spring at Gramercy Group with multiple projects and plenty of new faces. We’d like to introduce you to some of these new arrivals in our Meet the Team round-up for April 2024.

Keerthi Kurugundla, Project Manager of Structural Steel

We’d like to introduce Keerthi Kurugundla, our Project Manager of Structural Steel

Keerthi was our Project Manager of Structural Steel for the MTA Broadway Junction Complex project after having joined our team earlier this year. He brings with him a wealth of experience and passion for civil engineering, having earned his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan before starting his career at a firm in White Plains, NY. In this role, Keerthi served as an assistant project manager on MTA heavy civil projects, showcasing his proficiency in managing complex endeavors

After the closure of his previous firm, Keerthi seamlessly transitioned to Gramercy, where his expertise and dedication quickly stood out. His journey into engineering was inspired by his childhood love for building with LEGO sets and his fascination with architectural wonders around the world.

Born in India and raised in Botswana, Keerthi considers Africa his home, but he has embraced life in the United States since moving here in 2013 to pursue his studies. Outside of work, Keerthi shares a fulfilling life with his wife, Abhilekha, whom he met at a party in Boston during a visit with friends. Their shared interests in hiking and traveling have taken them to 20 states across the US, with plans to explore every corner of the country.

Keerthi finds immense joy in his career, particularly in witnessing projects evolve from design to fruition, and in collaborating closely with laborers to ensure successful outcomes. Keerthi’s diverse background, coupled with his unwavering passion for engineering and project management, makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Thank you Keerthi for being part of the Gramercy team.

Jonathan Stanek, Local 138

We are pleased to introduce Jonathan Stanek, a valued member of the Gramercy team.

Jonathan came highly recommended by his Uncle Sal, a distinguished teamster driver we recently spotlighted. In his five months with the company, Jonathan has left an indelible mark. Prior to joining Gramercy, he was involved in the arduous work of beach dredging, contributing to an offshore windmill project.

Originally planning to go to college, Jonathan’s career journey took current an unexpected turn when he tragically lost his father. Inspired by his uncle’s guidance and his love of operating heavy equipment, Jonathan chose to instead pursue vocational training.

Jonathan’s fascination with heavy equipment began with being a part of his family’s gunite pool company, which led him to a life-long interest in operating heavy equipment. His passion for the job is evident as he enthusiastically undertakes tasks such as dismantling buildings and garages, which is currently being demonstrated in our Computer Associates demo project.

Jonathan’s dedication to Gramercy is unmistakable and he embodies our values with pride, wearing the Gramercy name on his chest as a badge of honor. Beyond work, he enjoys golf, traveling with his girlfriend Summer, and caring for his beloved corgi and pug.

We appreciate all that you do for the team, Jonathan. Here’s to many more years of success.

Tracey Parr, Accounts Payable

A new face at Gramercy, Tracey Parr handles our company’s accounts payable and joined the team two months ago. Tracey approaches her work with a high level of organization and dedication.

In addition to her professional role, Tracey is an avid dog shower, having competed since she was 16 in shows all across the country. Most of her weekends are spent preparing for the next competition. She also enjoys occasional trips to Atlantic City and Las Vegas, where she indulges in her love for gambling, particularly enjoying the atmosphere of a roulette table.

Tracey is a devoted mother to two boys, aged 19 and 17. Thank you, Tracey, for being an invaluable member of the Gramercy team. Her older son is pursuing a degree in Cyber Security at Farmingdale College, while her younger son aspires to become a pilot.

Tracey values the camaraderie among her colleagues at Gramercy, finding joy in the positive atmosphere. When asked for advice, she shared that a smile can brighten someone else’s day—a sentiment that reflects her own consistently cheerful demeanor.

Thank you Tracey for being an invaluable member of the Gramercy team.

Tigran Markaryan, Estimator

Estimator Tigran Markaryan is a new arrival to Gramercy, having joined the team about a month ago, after a recommendation from a close family friend who studied at USC alongside him. Currently, he is contributing to our estimating department, working on civil and demolition projects.

Tigran pursued his undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at Santa Clara University before completing a master’s program in construction management/engineering at USC.

Originally from Russia, Tigran moved to the US at the age of 13, attending boarding school in Massachusetts and Connecticut before pursuing his engineering degree. His decision to enter the field was influenced by his family’s background, with both his brother and grandfather being aerospace mechanical engineers. Fond memories of accompanying his father, a developer, to work in Russia sparked Tigran’s passion for construction.

His childhood interest in robotics, coupled with mentorship from a teacher, further fueled his aspirations. Throughout his academic journey, Tigran gained practical experience through internships with construction companies, both in the field and office settings.

His current role in our estimating department has allowed him to delve into the complexities of projects, a challenge he finds fascinating. He appreciates the collaborative atmosphere within the company and enjoys being part of such a friendly environment.

Outside of work, Tigran is an avid soccer player, participating in a city club team. Thank you Tigran, we’re thrilled to have you as a part of the Gramercy family.

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